Wishlist pro 1.7

Wishlist pro 1.7


The most accessible of the lists modules, for a good start with lists


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  • Compatibility: Prestashop 1.7
  • Non compatible avec les produits personnalisés, ou les modules de personnalisation (par exemple attribute wizard pro)

Do you have an e-commerce site that may feature lists? For example, you sell childcare articles, travel, household goods or gift products. With Wishlist pro, start the adventure and increase your turnover thanks to this professional wedding, birth, birthday or gift list module. It has been developed with e-merchants and offers the basic features of lists: being able to create a list, and being able to offer a gift from this list.

- Advantages as a merchant

  • have access to a real time dashboard which centralizes all the information of the lists and their purchases. No need to spread out papers and archives.
  • data can be sorted, filtered, and exported in PDF,excel or csv format!
  • to communicate with your customers, generate PDF detailing gifts (who offered what and when), and with one click send the PDF by email to your customer.
  • should you need help please read the onlide guide.

- Advantages as a creator of the list

  • be kept inform of each purchase on your list thanks to an automatic email sending!
  • generate and view the summary wishlist PDF : offered products and donators, messages of donators.
  • create and manage your gift lists on your own. Should you need some help do not hesitate to refer to the user guide.
  • send the wishlist address to your friends by email. Add your personal message and view your e-mail before sending.
  • set up products parameters at every time : quantity, priority, cancellation

- Advantages as a donator who want to offer gifts

  • easily find the list of your choice by an alphabetical name search, or via a direct link displayed in an email sent by the shop.
  • leave a message of congratulations to the recipient of the gift when offering products. It will be included on the PDF

--- As a merchant ---

Easy installation
- installation is quick and easy, without changing the core and your templates of PrestaShop
- an installation wizard will guide you, and even offers to import data from the old module Prestashop gift list!
- wide Prestashop compatibility

Simplify your life
Get everything you need to manage your boutique and gift lists:
- list of orders with lists of gifts for a selected or predetermined period (order #, date, carrier, donator, wishlist # and name, recipient's name). Sort and filter data
- analysis of each gift list with total purchases, detail of orders and products purchased and the remaining quantity
- export data in PDF,excel or csv format
- one-click email sending to your customer including PDF summary
- context sensitive help icons
- direct access to the back office of the order or a product by clicking on specific icons displayed on the page

Satisfy your customer who created a list
- send him/her the PDF summary by email in two clicks to provide an update on the purchases of his/her list (date, donator, picture and product's description, quantity, total amount, congratulations message)
- preview the content of the email before sending it,
- receive a copy of this email if you wish
- propose a user-friendly and complete interface.

--- As the creator of a gift list ---

Receive an email after each purchase on your list to let you know in real time
- who gave you what
- messages from your friends
- the quantities offered, and the remaining quantities

Find out the purchases on your list in real time
- look at the list of bought Gifts : product, quantity, donator, date, remaining quantity and total amount of the list
- generate a PDF and view the summary wishlist details : offered products, date and donators, offered quantity, messages of donators

Use every functionality with ease
- online manual which guides you in creating your gift list, as well as mouse-over context-sensitive help icons.

Communicate quickly address list
- send an email invitation to your friends, customize it and view it before sending.
- get the web link of your list and send it by e-mail
Or propose the name search

Manage the list
- publish your list when you are ready : it will be available for buying products and displayed in search list results.
- prioritize your products, up to 5 levels to sort products
- add or remove a product at any time, and set up the wished quantity by product

--- As a donor (to offer a gift) ---

Find a list easily
Search for a list by name, without having to find the mail featuring the link

Short video - 1min.

The best thing is to try it!

Demonstration website of  Wishlistpro module for your convenience: https://prestashop.alize-web.fr/demo-wishlistpro
Direct link to english version : http://prestashop.alize-web.fr/demo-wishlistpro/?id_lang=1

Which one of the 3 modules does suit you? To find it out, please refer to the comparative table of list modules pdf.

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PS 1.7
Compatible Prestashop 1.6
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